Chipped Baby Tooth Repair

There are many ways to deal with a chipped tooth and it’s worth reiterating that you should always see a dentist as soon as possible after the event, no matter how severe. A chipped tooth can cause pain and discomfort when chewing or when exposed to very hot or cold temperatures. Below is a list of methods on how best to deal with a chipped tooth.

Stay calm: Chipping a tooth is a common thing among children. When such an event happens, there’s no need for alarm. Also remember not to make your child feel self-conscious about their chipped tooth, even if it’s noticeable.

Check your child: It is important to check if your child is crying or in pain. Also, check for blood.

Call the dentist: Follow any instructions your dentist may give you before scheduling an appointment. Remember to remain calm and explain everything that happened.

Rinse / cold compress: Aside from calling the dentist, you’ll want to rinse your child’s mouth with cold water and apply a cold compress to reduce any potential swelling. You’ll also want to collect any teeth fragments from the scene of the accident and bring them to your dentist. In a case where you cannot find any teeth fragments and your child is having difficulty breathing, immediately take them to an emergency room to make sure they didn’t inhale any teeth fragments.

Pain relief: An advised amount of ibuprofen is appropriate if your child continues to feel pain after the event has taken place. If you are not sure, ask your dentist or doctor what the correct dosage before administering any medication.

Keep an eye on it: In some cases, the damage from the lost tooth will become visible later, such as a chipped baby tooth turning grey. Also, make sure their gums do not become infected.

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